Dental Facts

Oral Cancer

Did you know that 2% of all cancers are located in the mouth, nose and surrounding tissues and are often first picked up on at a dental check-up? As with all cancers, early detection is critical as 85% of all sufferers die if the disease is not picked up on early enough. For this reason, an oral cancer screening is completed as part of every dental check-up at Maven Dental Invermay, formerly Caledonian Dental.

Tooth Wear

Tooth Wear most commonly occurs from a combination of two main factors:

  1. Mechanical factors such as the abrasion of teeth by things like incorrect brushing technique or tooth grinding.
  2. Chemical factors such as the dissolving of teeth in acids from the diet or from gastric reflux.

The problem is that teeth have no ability to heal themselves, and so minor reoccurring damage over a period of time can lead to major damage in the long term. For this reason most people are unaware that this condition is occurring in their mouth until significant damage has already occurred. Fortunately, for most people if detected early enough, it can be as simple as removing the cause and stabilizing the condition.

Wisdom Teeth

Before current technology, it was not uncommon for people to die from infections of their wisdom teeth. This is because a swelling in this area can easily compromise the airways and any infection can easily travel to the brain. These days deaths are very uncommon; however pain, swelling and even hospitalization in some cases are not unusual. In some cases, wisdom teeth are perfectly okay to leave in place and have almost no risk of causing any infections what so ever. In other cases, despite being painless for many years, wisdom teeth can flare up without much notice at all. For this reason, it is often advised to have the wisdom teeth assessed before they are painful for any risk of developing infections.